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Sinivalia Anti-Ageing Face Oil

Sinivalia Anti-Ageing Face Oil is a 100% natural, light and super absorbent oil which is suitable for all types of skin. Due to the properties of the added essential oils that make up the synergy of this tremendous product, it offers both physical and psychological attributes. The wonderful psychological benefits include: feeling uplifted, calm, soothed, and de-stressed. Sinivalia oil has been formulated using miraculous skin nutrients, and the constituents have been scientifically documented to: have strong anti-aging properties, fight wrinkles and help prevent new ones forming; provide nourishment for the skin to keep it moisturised all day long; to give the skin a silky smooth mantel; to support the structural components of the skin; to improve elasticity; to plump up the epidermis to give it a youthful dewy glow that everyone admires; to reduce inflammation and act as an antibacterial and anti fungal agent to keep spots, acne and other skin diseases at bay; and to work as an oxidant fighter that will counteract environmental damage from UV light, harsh weather conditions, central heating, air conditioning, and pollution.

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